Sarah Paulsen


501 N Grand

St. Louis, MO 63103

Studio Open Sunday, October 8

Media Type:

Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

This body of work reflects the things I made over a two year period while investigating my white identity and questioning the common assumption of “Whiteness” as an implied norm and a kind of symbolic lack of cultural identity. Through this personal journey, I have attempted to untangle my ethnic and cultural identity from the social and historical construct of “whiteness.” The resulting artwork is at times a documentation of my search, a reflection on my experience of whiteness, and/or an attempt to answer my own questions about the formation of racial identity. This is the first time that this larger body of work has been exhibited in St. Louis. This series is a precursor or, part 1, to the animations I'll be sharing at CAM as part of GRB in the Spring of 2018.

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Image Credits:
What was Czech and Irish?, 2016. Oil on Mixed Media on Canvas. Courtesy the artist.